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Protect your enterprise network from the most sophisticated cyber-attacks with the highest caliber of security, real-time prevention and the world’s highest performing security gateways.

As a distinguished 4-star and MSSP Check Point Partner, we bring enterprise-grade security solutions to businesses of all sizes, offering a comprehensive suite of products:

Quantum: Secure the Network

Safeguard your enterprise network against sophisticated cyber-attacks using the highest level of security. Benefit from real-time prevention and deploy the world’s highest-performing security gateways to ensure a robust defence against evolving threats.

CloudGuard: Secure the Cloud

Ensure the security of your cloud infrastructure with a unified cloud-native security platform. Automate security posture at scale, defend against advanced threats and gain visibility and control over workloads across any cloud environment.

Harmony: Secure Users & Access

Protect devices and access for remote users regardless of their connection source. Whether connecting from various locations or devices, our solution ensures the security and privacy of your organisational data, guarding against cyber threats.

Horizon: Unified Management & Security Operations

Proactively prevent attacks on your organisation through powerful prevention-focused SOC operations tools and services. Horizon adopts a prevention-first approach, offering comprehensive coverage for the network, endpoints, cloud, email, and more – all accessible from a single, intuitive interface.


See live cyber attacks on threat map, threat intelligence and research. In response to escalating threats, evolving business needs have prompted a shift in cybersecurity strategies. Check Point Infinity emerges as a groundbreaking cybersecurity architecture strategically crafted to comprehensively combat advanced fifth-generation cyber threats. This integrated system provides a holistic defence for networks, cloud environments, endpoints, as well as mobile and IoT devices. By adopting Infinity, organisations gain the capability to proactively address security vulnerabilities, reduce risks, and realise cost efficiencies in their cybersecurity operations.
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The Fortinet Security Fabric seamlessly integrates convergence and consolidation principles to deliver thorough cybersecurity protection for users, devices, and applications across every network edge.

Adopting a Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA), this architectural approach fosters interoperability among diverse security products, resulting in a more unified security posture. The Fortinet Security Fabric streamlines operational complexity, ensures compliance, and underscores key elements such as interoperability, analytics, intelligence, centralised management, and automation. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with a wide array of technologies and vendors to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

The Fundamental Pillars of the Fortinet Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric is anchored on a single operating system, offering unparalleled versatility with deployment models that surpass other solutions. It extends support to various use cases through physical, virtual, cloud, and X-as-a-Service environments. This inclusive approach encompasses the industry’s most extensive ecosystem and product portfolio, spanning endpoints, networks, and clouds.

FortiGuard AI-Powered Security

All FortiGuard security services seamlessly integrate into the Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling swift and coordinated detection and enforcement across the entire attack surface. The Security Fabric continually assesses risks and automatically adapts to counter the latest known and unknown threats in real time. Powered by FortiGuard Labs’ proven machine learning and artificial intelligence models, FortiGuard services draw insights from unified data sources, including networks, endpoints, clouds, independent research, and collaborative efforts within the industry.

Secure Networking

Fortinet Secure Networking addresses the challenges of digital acceleration by tightly integrating network infrastructure with advanced security across all edges. This integration ensures consistent policies and enhances the user experience for the hybrid workforce.

User and Device Security

Recognising users and devices as critical endpoints, this facet of the Fortinet Security Fabric provides robust protection against attacks and ensures secure access to resources. Offering signature-based and behaviour-based endpoint protections can remediate the effects of an attack. User and Device Security implements zero trust controls for secure access, identifying and authenticating users before granting access to networks and applications. This includes user-associated devices like laptops and mobile phones, as well as non-user-associated devices such as IP cameras, printers, and badge readers.

Application Security

Fortinet Cloud Security solutions deliver visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity in the data centre and across cloud resources while maximising the benefits of cloud computing. In addition, our context-aware policy is extended into these environments, providing coordinated threat response via integration with FortiGuard AI-powered security services.

Fortinet Fabric Management Centre

Network Operations Center (NOC)

The Fabric Management Center – NOC streamlines network operations by introducing automation, relieving NOC teams of burdensome tasks and mitigating the risk of human error and misconfiguration.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

The Fabric Management Center – SOC facilitates advanced threat detection and response capabilities, centralised security monitoring, and optimisation, seamlessly integrating these features across the entire Fortinet Security Fabric.

Open Ecosystem

The Fabric extends its reach across organisations by seamlessly integrating various Fabric-Ready Partner solutions. This broad ecosystem minimises gaps in enterprise security architectures while maximising the return on investment (ROI) in security. All of this can be managed efficiently through a single management console.


Businesses require cybersecurity solutions that shield against threats and are efficiently managed for reliability, speed, and flexible deployment. Through collaboration with Mimecast, inq. presents an integrated managed service provider offering that exceeds these expectations.

The Mimecast Managed Service Provider program is meticulously crafted to offer extensive cyber defence against email threats, irrespective of their source. In partnership, inq. and Mimecast deliver organisations across various industry sectors a managed solution that ensures the comprehensive protection essential for today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Email Security & Resilience

Experience top-tier protection with Mimecast Email Security, providing unparalleled defence against sophisticated email threats. Our AI-powered detection ensures robust security, and with total deployment flexibility, your organisation can adapt effortlessly to evolving challenges.

Data Retention & Compliance

Maximise the potential of your information by leveraging Mimecast’s leading solution for Enterprise Information Archiving, recognised seven times in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Accelerate e-discovery processes and simplify compliance, ensuring your data is managed effectively and in accordance with regulatory standards.

Security Awareness Training & User Behavior

Empower your employees to actively contribute to your defence strategy with Mimecast. Our award-winning content, real-life phish testing, user risk scoring, and targeted end-user support create a comprehensive approach to security awareness training. Build a resilient defence by fostering a security-conscious organisational culture.


Sendmarc’s DMARC compliance software protects your domain against email phishing and impersonation attacks, safeguarding your staff, clients, and suppliers. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) reinstates control to the email sender, regardless of the mail’s destination.

Sendmarc’s purpose-built platform ensures swift and effective DMARC compliance implementation across your entire organisation. The platform’s key feature, interoperability, allows for the comprehensive assessment, proactive monitoring, and management of data from your company’s complete email ecosystem and various service providers.

Emails play a role in over 91% of network attacks, with cybercriminals becoming increasingly adept at impersonating unprotected email domains. Without protection, they can effortlessly use brands to mimic employees, sending emails with flawless styling, making it nearly impossible for recipients to discern the fraudster. An attack on your business could lead to deposit fraud, ransomware attacks, identity theft, or reputation damage. Sendmarc addresses this vulnerability through DMARC.

How Sendmarc helps: DMARC verifies the source of an email message and determines its fate. It’s a security check that allows only emails from legitimate sources to be delivered. DMARC compliance gives your company full visibility and control over all emails, distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate ones claiming to be from your organisation. The DMARC standard corroborates the sender’s legitimacy, ensuring the message’s integrity and delivering it to the inbox if it passes authentication while rejecting it if it fails.

Visibility into where email comes from

Reporting lets you see both legitimate and illegitimate use of your email domains so you can actively take action and eliminate fraudulent activities. Having achieved full protection status with all illegitimate email rejected, constant monitoring and management of a company’s entire email ecosystem of active and dormant domain names, means that any new security threats and potential deliverability issues are actively prevented.

Strengthen brand trust and brand recognition

Companies that have DMARC can implement BIMI, improving brand identity and email deliverability. BIMI gives immediate email credibility and brand recognition with a company’s logo viewed alongside the email message. This added layer of authentication improves brand trustworthiness, giving recipients confidence that the email is from the legitimate source, improves engagement, ensuring effective email communication.

Email that is trusted by entire stakeholder community

All inbound and outbound email with your brand name is verified for authenticity, preventing cybercriminals from using your name for illicit gain, ensuring employees, customers, partners, and suppliers only ever receive legitimate email.

Provided as a service with zero infrastructure costs

Delivered using a purpose-built platform, making deployment easier with fully automated processes, access and visibility of real-time reporting, and continuous proactive management of the entire email environment.

Global and company-wide compliance

Globally recognized technical authentication and verification standards applied to all emails using the brand name, provide organizational-wide compliance to every email service used by every department.

Guaranteed for every customer

The same product with the same features and functionality is deployed for every customer, giving all customers the same level of security and the same 90 day guarantee to reach full protection status.

Improved email deliverability

Implementing the strongest authentication rules and policies, ensure that all legitimate emails with your name reach the intended inbox.

Protection for the entire email Ecosystem

Seamless integration and implementation with all third-party providers of email services, ensure an organization’s entire email real-estate is secure and safeguarded.


Organisations are swiftly embracing a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture to ensure data security across its various movements, support digital transformation initiatives, and optimise efficiency and return on investment from their technology. Netskope stands out as a recognised expert and innovator in CASB, SWG, ZTNA, Firewall-as-a-Service, and other Security Service Edge (SSE) components, a term encompassing the necessary security services for a successful SASE architecture.

Despite the growing popularity of SASE, confusion often arises from vendor messaging that accompanies fragmented product sets dubiously marketed as “SASE.” Many of these products lack native integration, fail to simplify technology environments, and lack essential network and infrastructure transformation capabilities. These shortcomings pose risks of heightened security incidents, network downtime, and suboptimal return on investment.

Netskope addresses these challenges with the Netskope Borderless SD-WAN, combined seamlessly with Netskope Intelligent SSE, forming a fully converged SASE platform. This unique integration ensures comprehensive solutions, mitigating the issues associated with disjointed and inadequately integrated products masquerading as SASE.



Cybersecurity has transitioned from being a luxury to an indispensable business necessity. Nevertheless, deploying comprehensive Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) solutions poses a challenge for many, particularly in an era where specialised expertise is scarce. This challenge is compounded by the high costs and technical complexities associated with implementation and integration into existing environments.

Seceon Open Threat Management Platform: Through our collaboration with Seceon, we offer clients advanced AI/ML-driven cyber threat detection and remediation.

Product Integration

Seceon seamlessly integrates key elements of SIEM, Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR), intrusion detection, and network traffic monitoring.

Product Demonstration

Witness the remarkable capabilities of the Seceon platform firsthand. We provide an obligation-free demonstration, showcasing how the platform can enhance your operational environment. With Seceon, we merge cybersecurity with convenience for a safer, digital future.

Automated Processes

Unparalleled Visibility
Attain comprehensive insights across all your attack surfaces, spanning networks to endpoints.

Proactive Threat Detection
Identify cyber threats, intrusions, and breaches well in advance.

Efficient Threat Containment and Elimination
Promptly isolate and neutralise identified threats for swift action.

Consistent Compliance and Reporting
Sustain an up-to-date compliance posture and streamline reporting processes.

Effective Security Operations Management
Optimise the efficiency of your security operations, all within a centralised platform.

Unified Approach

Leveraging Seceon, Syrex delivers a comprehensive, automated solution that eliminates the need for multiple integrations and specialised personnel, streamlining organisational processes and conserving valuable time and resources.

Ridge Security

RidgeBot’s® Continuous Risk Validation sets it apart from other offerings in the market. This fully automated penetration testing solution identifies, and flags validated risks for SOC teams’ remediation without requiring highly specialised personnel.

RidgeBot® functions as a tireless software robot capable of conducting security validation tasks on a recurring basis, be it monthly, weekly, or daily. The results are accompanied by a historical trending report, providing clients with ongoing peace of mind.

Key Features:

Mitigation Prioritisation

Evaluate the effectiveness of your security policies by executing emulation tests aligned with the Mitre Att&ck framework. Prioritise vulnerabilities exploited within your organisation, backed by clear evidence and a zero-false positive assurance.

Full Penetration Test

Utilise various network attack techniques employed by hackers, profiling assets, identifying vulnerabilities, and launching attacks on target assets within Intranet, extranet, or private networks.

Ransomware Test

Employ dozens of techniques commonly used in Ransomware attacks, enabling quick validation of vulnerability to such attacks. The test provides a remediation plan to prevent potential Ransomware threats.

Website Penetration Test

Conduct cyber attacks on target websites, web applications, and related surfaces to gain control of the target website. This encompasses self-developed or CMS-based websites.

Internal Host Penetration Test

Launches attacks from within the corporate network, validating the security system’s response to internal threats. Techniques include privilege escalation, lateral movement, and domain penetration.

Weak Credential Exploit

Executes direct or iterative attacks based on sensitive information obtained through weak credentials or unauthorised access vulnerabilities. Targets include Redis, Elasticsearch, ActiveMQ, databases, web logins, and other applications.

3rd Party Framework Test

Launches privilege escalation and iterative attacks based on known 1-day or n-day vulnerabilities detected in third-party frameworks such as Struts2, Spring, fastjson, ThinkPHP, and others.

Asset Profiling

Profiling assets and uncover attack surfaces based on domain names, sub-domain names, peripherals, encryption keys, APIs, frameworks, open ports, and more.

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