Optimised Hardware and Software Solutions with Expert Support

Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure with inq.’s comprehensive hardware and software services. Through established partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors, we guarantee top-notch hardware supply and warranty support within the first year.

Specializing in onsite installations and smooth hardware migration, our support team ensures a seamless transition to the latest technology. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, inq. offers a variety of software licensing models, customized to meet your unique needs. Our server hardware solutions, based on Intel and Dell’s reliable architecture, are designed to enhance performance while minimizing long-term costs, with onsite warranty options extending up to five years. Additionally, we provide hardware from other major vendors like HP and IBM, catering to a broad range of IT infrastructure requirements. Choose inq. for reliable, performance-driven hardware and software solutions tailored to your business.

Hardware and Software

At inq. We have established partnerships with numerous hardware and software vendors, guaranteeing our capability to provide hardware and address warranty concerns during the initial year.

Our proficient support team is well-equipped to aid in onsite installations into your network and seamlessly manage the migration from old hardware to new hardware. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can offer diverse software licensing models tailored to your specific requirements.

Server Hardware:

We standardise our server hardware on Intel and Dell’s server architecture products. This enables us to provide clients with products that are reliable and offer excellent performance as well as reducing the ling-term costs of server hardware. These solutions also include onsite warranty options ranging from one year up to five years. We are also able to provide hardware from an array of additional vendors such as HP and IBM to name a few.

Networking Components:

We provide a complete range of networking hardware including network integration and management. These products range from high-speed wireless links to managed switches and Cisco and Microtek routers.

Workstations, Laptops and Netbooks:

inq. is able to provide both branded and custom-built systems. All hardware purchased from us can optionally include standardised image development (Microsoft® OS and Office® Suite) as well as configuration and testing.

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