Retail Analytics

Convert traditional IP camera's to monitor and manage your enterprise Compliance and Safety using AI

High performance Edge AI to get real time retail analytics of your store leveraging your existing IP cameras automatically.

Customized retail analytics and real time information of your store

inq's Retail Analytics solution provides real-time information about your stores such as Foot count, High-value customers, customer experience, Aisle heat maps, attendance, and workforce management by utilizing simple surveillance camera's. Delivered on inq's Edge AI Platform, Retail chains or stores and deploy, manage and get detailed retail analytics in real-time to understand the store performance to provide actionable intelligence for increasing customer footfall and per store revenue across multiple regions. The Edge AI platform infrastructure can be deployed in public clouds, Regional Cloud and if required On-Premise Data Centers or Edge locations to ensure data protection. Using inq's On-Demand Continuous Training platform, customized retail analytics can be created and fine-tuned to ensure higher accuracy.


Retail Analytics

Provide actionable analytics in the retail sector

Real Time Video Processing and Analytics

Built on Real time video processing and machine learning systems to identify and provide various metrics.


VVPN powered to ensure secure connectivity

Just on-board your VPN credentials to quickly connect the platform to access your camera feeds securely.

Continuous Training to increase accuracy

Use our continuous training to increase your accuracy, enhance detection and notification process.


Control Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor and Manage all your cameras and events centrally and get notifications via SMS / Email.

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inq Retail Analytics solution provides real time information about your store such as Foot count, High value customers , customer experience , Aisle heat maps, attendance and workforce management by utilizing simple surveillance camera's.

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Benefits of inq’s Retail Analytics

Single Pane of Glass

inq Edge AI Platform, enterprises can deploy, manage and monitor alerts across multiple regions and quickly provide actionable intelligence for correcting compliance and safety deviations

Provides various compliance models

Different various compliance models depending on industry and sector.

Completely On-demand and scalable

Quickly add your camera's and select various models to process.

Secure and Easy of use

With On-Demand VPN connection, it makes the process very easy to use and does not require AI/ML experts.

Automation driven

Enable your team to bring power of cloud to your networking stack and utilize it to automate the network.

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inq's Retail Analytics solution provides real-time information about your stores such as Foot count, High-value customers, customer expierence, Aisle heat maps, attendance, and workforce management by utilizing simple surveillance camera's.

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