Case Study

Law firm with in excess of 75 staff, who rely heavily on email communication in their business operation.

This is a study relating to a law firm with in excess of 75 staff, who rely heavily on email communication in their business operation.

This includes not only general email communication, but sending of critical case information ( some very large documents), and some highly confidential information.They were using on-site Microsoft Exchange, with a Fortinet firewall, and Fortimail.

The issues presented were numerous, but most critical were risk of exposure due to the standard email threats, like phishing, viruses, ransomware , whaling and the endless burden of SPAM, amongst others. In addition, the issue of data integrity and storage capacity of the Exchange database , the management of this, along with the backup issues it presented, and the potential of data loss if corruptions were to occur.

inq BW introduced the Mimecast product in order to address ALL the concerns, with additional benefits. Mimecast as a business, focuses 100 % on email security and continuity. Mimecast is a product that functions as a business solution, with strong technical attributes. Changing, moving or deleting of data cannot be done by any person ( no matter what technical administrator permissions they have ), unless an official board approval ( business process ) is submitted and completed.

inq BW introduced the email security, the archiving & secure connection options of the Mimecast service.

The security, 2nd to none, protects all incoming, outgoing and internal email communications to the maximum. A sandbox service is available for suspicious email access. Automated notifications are in place for all major/minor events, alerting users and administrators immediately ( held , blocked, rejected email ). This reduces the risk of email threat to zero. This put the business at ease in the knowledge that their email communication was now completely.

The archiving component of the service allows for a 99 year mail archive, of all email, incoming, outgoing and internal, which ensures data integrity as well as allows extensive audit and search options ( E-discovery ), which also speaks to compliance. This relieved the business of the burden of onsite mail archiving and backup immediately, as well as mitigated the risk of data corruption.

The secure connection option allowed for secure transmission of highly confidential documents within the organisation, as well as to external contacts. This operates by sending email to the Mimecast Secure Messaging Gateway, where access is gained via secure portal. This ensured absolute secure confidential communication.

Along with the above product set also came the Business Continuity portal, where each user has access to an online Mimecast portal, where standard email communication can continue, as if operating from their own workstations, with the same look and feel for the users, and recipients, as well as access to all emails sent and received.

The Mimecast product also offers high granularity in terms of administration and rule-sets for handling email flow, as well as comprehensive audit logs ( with easy to use reporting), not only on email flow, but on all user and administrator activities.